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Be ahead against Counterfeit with CNR

ASPA is building up innovative tools to help policymakers on the need for action and legislation in fighting counterfeiting. One such initiative is the Counterfeit News Repository. The portal is providing in depth analysis and a single stop source for all counterfeiting incidents reported in India. The CNR will provide a platform for academia, brand owners, government authorities to deepen their research on counterfeiting activities, modus operandi, the behavior of counterfeiters, trends and analysis. It will also help policymakers to formulate their strategy and policies to fight this crime.

Counterfeiting incidents have risen steadily in the last few years and in 2019 these have increased by 24 percent as compared to 2018

ASPA Release State of Counterfeiting in India Report 2020

CNR latest findings: Counterfeit cases in India increased by 15%

ASPA launches new initiatives: Consumer Connect & Counterfeit News Repository