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An email service provides details of new and old tenders related to the Authentication & Traceability industry.

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Latest tenders

  • India Requests For Proposal are invited for Engagement of Consultant for Comprehensive Consultancy Services For Establishment Of Automated Banknote Processing Centre (Abpc).
  • Organization: RESERVE BANK OF INDIA (RBI)
  • Deadline: February 23, 2021
  • Malta Tender for the supply, delivery, authentication and traceability of banderols for quality wine certification 2020
  • Deadline: January 21, 2021
  • USA Request for Proposal (RFP) No. 2003-18298 for Cigarette Tax Stamps
  • Deadline: January 6, 2021
  • India Implementation Of "holograms With Qr Code Based Integrated Excise Management System (iems) Under Two Bid System
  • Deadline: January 5, 2021
  • India Manufacturing and supply of 3 mm. colour shift magnetic security thread for Indian Banknote
  • Deadline: December 29, 2020

Archive Tenders Documents

Year 2020

  • China: Shnaghai Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Tendering Co. Ltd. invite tender for providing automatic reading, photographic and traceability system for drug sensitivity results of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University. 
  • France: MINISTERE DES ARMEES invites tender for Supply, installation and mco of a complete RFID system for the management and traceability of aeronautical tools for the aia cp. 
  • Indian Oil Corporation: Tender for supply of tamper evident labels 
  • India: Security Printing Press Hyderabad invite EOI for Procurement of one number of Fully Automated in line Smart Card Manufacturing Machine for Contactless Cards. 
  • India: CSIR, Nagpur invite tender for web-application for emission monitoring / testing compliation of result and certification issuance along-with QR code generation and database handling. 
  • India: Hindustan Insecticides Ltd invite tender for QR code based traceability system. 
  • India: National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India Ltd: Engagement Of Software Development Agency For Development Of A Qr Code Based Software System For Track And Trace Of Commodities For Nafed
  • India: Uttar Pradesh Medical Supplies Corporation Ltd, invite tender for vehicle tracking systems and bar/qr code systems provider. 
  • Namibia: Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land reform invite PQB for livestock identification and traceability.
  • Paraguay: MUNICIPALIDAD DE CAPIATAAcquisition of ribbons, cleaning kit and holographic products
  • Rome: EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY (ESA) farm to fork: supply chain management with traceability and verification
  • Sudan: African Union invite tender for development and operationalization of the livestock identification traceability system in Sudan. 
  • Vietnam: Office of the General Department of Fisheries invite tender for guide farms to apply Vietgap national standard on organic agriculture associated with chain link, traceability, product labeling. EMD value: VND 5Million 
  • Bangladesh: The Security Printing Corporation Bangladesh invite tender for Supply of 500 Reams Cbs-1 Paper for Micr Cheque Print.
  • Germany, Bundesdruckerei GmBH invite tender for the supply of printing inks for the production of Euro banknotes ES2-10
  • India: Procurement of 2mm colorshift magnetic security thread for Indian Banknote paper production, Bank Note Paper Mill India Pvt Ltd. 
  • India: Bank Note Paper Mill India Pvt Ltd invite tender for supply of color shift security thread
  • India: Bank Note Press invite EOI for design, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning of two banknote printing and finishing line. 
  • India: SPMCIL invite tender for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of six color sheet-fed offset printing machine for printing on polymer/plastic and paper substrate. 
  • India: India Security Press, Nashik invite bid for procurement of Alcohol Based Gravure Inks
  • India Government Mint, Noida, Uttar Pradesh invite tender for procurement of 1000 million pieces of Rs 2 ferritic stainless stell coin blanks. 
  • Jamaica: Tenders are invited for Technical advisor for central bank digital currency (cbdc). 
  • Labanon: Tender are Invited for Purchase of Inks for the Public Finance Directorate - Ministry of Finance
  • Nepal: Nepal Rastra Bank invite tenders for designing, printing and supply of 190 million pieces of Nepalese Rupees 500 denomination banknotes 
  • Nepal: Department of Transport Management invite tender for supply and delivery of Driving License Smart Card. 
  • Nepal: Tenders are invited for Procurement of security printing, supply and delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of equipment and personalization of e-Machine readable transport documents (MRTDs)
  • Paraguay: Tender planning: Acquisition of security paper for the ministry of finance - department of fiscal values. 
  • Sri Lanka: Bank of Ceylon, Prequalification are invited for Provision Of Security Printing - Direct Mailers With Date, FD Receipts, ID Cards, Etc.
  • Nepal: Inland Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance, tender for security printing, supply and delivery of excise stamps
  • India, Uttar Pradesh: Excise Department invite tender for selection of system integrator for development and maintenance of integrated excise supply chain management system for the Uttar Pradesh Excise Department. 
  • India, Assam: Office Of The Commissioner Of Excise, Assam, Tender for production and supply of tamper-evident polyester high-security holograms with QR code 
  • India, Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh State Beverages Corporation Ltd invite tender for selection of supplier for production and supply of high-security holograms. 
  • Spain: GERENCIA DEL ÁREA DE SALUD DE NAVALMORAL DE LA MATA invite tender for hiring the external service of the call center (cat) of the fnmt-rcm (ceres, Electronic id, Revocation / suspension / cancellation of the suspension, Return, Sne and traceability of tobacco). The estimated value of the contract: 30,000.00 Euros. 
  • USA, Florida tender for heat applied cigarette tax stamps
  • Macedonia: Procurement Of excise stamps For tobacco Products, intermediate products and ethyl alcohol
  • USA: Tobacco Stamps for a five (5) year contract for the Tennessee Department of Revenue
  • Georgia: Tobacco tax stamp
  • USA, State of new Hampsire: Tenders are invited for NH Tobacco Tax Stamps
  • USA: Armedia Purchase Of Tobacco", "excise Stamps And Stamps Printing" On Alcoholic Beverages
  • USA: Bid invited for Twenty Five million, five hundred thousand, Mobile County Cigarette tax combination stamps black lettering on light grey background fuson type. 
  • USA: Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) Florida RFP for Heat Applied Cigarette Tax Stamps. 
  • Zambia: Tender are invite for supply of 50,000,000 reel type and 40,000,000 pre-cut format cigarette duty stamps


Year 2019

  • World Bank (Expression of Interest for A sustainable, traceable climate-smart and inclusive rice supply chain
  • Morocco: Tenders are invited for the establishment and management of a traceability and marking system for the control of the availability and quality of petroleum products
  • Poland: Supply Of Holograms For The Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute Of Precision Mechanics In 2019-2021
  • India: National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India Ltd: Engagement Of Software Development Agency For Development Of A Qr Code Based Software System For Track And Trace Of Commodities For Nafed.
  • Tea Board India invite EOI for designing, development and comissioning of end-to-end technology to ensure traceability of the entire value chain of tea trade. 
  • India: Unique Identification Authority of India invite RFP for aadhar hologram provider.  


  • USA: Distinctive currency paper, Non-Distinctive banknote paper, and test paper samples to support the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) manufacture of U.S. Currency.
  • India: Global tender for manufacturing and supply of overprint varnish for Indian banknotes 
  • India: Bank Note Paper Mill India Private Limited (Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Testing & Training Of Security Documents Examination & Authentication System For Banknote paper/Banknotes)
  • Nepal: Procurement of the designing, printing and supply of 230M pieces of Nepalese banknotes
  • India: Reserve Bank of India invite bid for development of mobile application for identification of denomination of Indian banknotes


  • India, Chhttisgarh Excise: Production and supply of polyester based tamper-evident high-security hologram
  • India, Himachal Excise : Printing and supply of polyester excise hologram 
  • Philippines: APO PRODUCTION UNIT, INC. invited bid for procurement of security features, enhancement and application, support/maintenance of internal revenue stamps integrated system (IRSIS) for Tobacco Tax Stamps
  • USA, Virginia : Cigarette Tax Stamps (Approximately 9,720,000 toacco tax stamps on yearly basis)
  • USA, Connecticut, Department of Revenue Services (DRS): Bids for cigarette tax stamps (Approximately 78,000,000 stamps per year)
  • State of Louisiana invite bid for tobacco tax stamp and data solution
  • Malta: Tender for the supply of banderols for quality wine certification
  • USA, Maryland: Cigarette Revenue Stamps for the Comptroller of Maryland
  • South Africa Revenue Service: Provision of production management, track & trace solution for cigarettes
  • India, Puducherry Excise: Tender for printing and supply of security hologram as an excise adhesive label on the liquor bottles

Year 2018

    • India: Expression of Interest (EoI) for Selection of Implementation Agency for Passport Seva Project, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
    • Malaysia: Universiti Malaysia Pahang - Subscription of blockchain and QR code application for UMP digital transformation. 
  • Indian Oil invite Design, engineering, software development, manufacturing / supply, installation, testing, trial run and commissioning of QR code based Track and Trace system along with associated works with 2 year warranty and 3 year comprehensive AMC for Lube & Grease locations. 
  • Republic of Mauritius, The Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation hereby invites qualified Consultants/Consultancy firms to submit their bids for Procurement of Consultancy Services to develop a strategic plan for the adoption of Blockchain Technology. 
  • South Africa: Southern Africa TB and Health Systems Engagement invite tender of a community based organisation to track and trace ex-miners who submitted their insufficient claims to facilitate submission of missing documents. 
  • Bangladesh: International e-tender for selection of security thread for currency and banknote paper.
  • India: BRBNMPL invites global bid for procurement of magnetic security thread.
  • India: BRBNMPL invites global bid for procurement of dual color cellulose bases security fibre.
  • India: BRBNMPL invites global bid for pre-qualification of vendors for manufacturing and supplying color shift intaglio security ink. 
  • India, Assam: Tender for Production and Supply of Polyester based Tamper-Evident High-Security Hologram.
  • Bangladesh: International e-Tender for Supply of 1,50,272 reams (In sheet form) or 2,815 Metric Tons (In reel form) Cigarette Tax Label Paper.
  • Canada: Request for proposal for Excise Stamp System by Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Armenia: Tender for supply of Tax Stamps.
  • India, Karnataka: Tender for the production of polyester based holographic excise adhesive label (HEAL).
  • USA, State of Louisana: Tobacco Tax Stamp & Data Solution.
  • USA, Massachusetts Department of Revenue: Encrypted Tobacco Excise Stamps.


Year 2017

  • Kenya: Energy Regulatory Commission tender for provision for the services for the marking and monitoring of petroleum products.  
    • India: National Payment Corporation of India, RFQ for empanelment of vendor for manufacturing RuPay holograms 
  • INDIA: Reserve Bank of India invite global EOI for manufacture and supply of colour shift security thread for banknotes (quantity 8,00,000 kilometer). 
  • IRAN: Central Bank of the I.R. of Iran Security Paper Mill invite tender for purchase of 50,000 kilometers of Holographic partial Demetallized Clear text window security threads. 


  • Zambia: The Zambia Revenue Authority invite tender for the printing and delivery of 90,000,000 reel format cigarette duty stamps. 
  • India: West Bengal, Request for Proposal for Implementation of automation in Supply Chain Management. 
  • India: Punjab State Excise Department invite bid for Polyester based Excise Adhesive Labels (EALs) to be affixed on Liquor bottles (IMFL , PML & Beer).