Code of Conduct

 All ASPA Members are to adhere to the below mentioned Code of Conduct

  • Help promote & protect the common interests of ASPA & its members and not indulge in any act that brings harm and disrepute to the authentication industry.
  • Observe high standards of integrity & business ethics in their dealings with customers, ASPA Members, associates, suppliers and society as a whole.
Bring to the notice of the ASPA Secretariat any:-
  • Breach of this Code by ASPA member.
  • Act committed by anyone that brings the authentication industry into disrepute.

Anti-Trust Statement

The ASPA is an association of members organized to promote the use of authentication solutions. In fulfilling this aim, ASPA intends to avoid any activity which may violate or appear to violate any applicable anti-trust law or restriction of competition law. ASPA encourages all its members to avoid discussing business practices that may violate any such requirements or give the appearance of breaking any such rules, or any similar competing laws in any jurisdiction where ASPA has members.

Through its activities, ASPA brings together representatives of competitors in the authentication industry. Although the purpose of these activities is principally educational and there is no intent to restrain competition in any manner, the Governing Body recognizes the possibility that ASPA and its operations may be seen by some as an opportunity for anticompetitive conduct. Each ASPA member, therefore, must conduct business independently and free from any understandings or agreements or conduct which may restrain competition.

In particular, no forum or activity of ASPA shall be used for or include discussions, exchanges, collection or dissemination of any information to bring about or attempt to bring about any understanding or agreement among competitors. This attempt is dismissed by ASPA whether written, digital, oral, formal or informal, expressed or implied.

Discussions concerning prices, pricing methods, costs of production, sales, marketing, marketing strategies, terms or conditions of sale, distribution, the volume of production, bench-marking, or allocation of territories, customers or suppliers in this regard are void.

Please adhere strictly to these guidelines during all ASPA functions to protect the ASPA, yourself and your respective organizations from liability.

Report a violation

ASPA Governing Body will resolve all such violations. If you would like to report any members violating code of conduct, please email at (Please include “Code Violation Report” in the subject line).